Registration process for Solar Plates in the Roshan Gharana program started

The beginning of good news for poor farmers is because Maryam Nawaz has started the Roshan Gharana program. In this program, you are given 4 plates. So you have to complete the registration to get these plates. The complete method of registration will be explained in detail in this article. Make sure to register for this program as soon as possible and get your 4 plates system. So you participate in this program through your ID card number.

Let us tell you that the complete method of registration in this program has not started yet. You can join this program through Lucky Draw. It has started only for those who use 100 units of electricity per month. In this article, you will be told in complete detail how much electricity you use. And how these solar plates will be provided to you.

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What Is the main objective of starting the Roshan Gharana program?

The main purpose of starting this program is to provide free solar plates only to farmers and other people who are worried due to the high cost of electricity. When you join this program, you will be given 4 plates for free. Maryam Nawaz has announced that 50 thousand solar plates will be provided to farmers. 

Which consumes 100 units of electricity. These solar plates will be installed in your home free of charge. You will not be charged any kind of fee. All this expense will be of the Government of Punjab. Let us tell you that 12.6 million dollars were spent to make this program.

How to Apply Online for Roshan Gharana Scheme

Many lakhs of houses have been destroyed due to this expensive electricity. Due to this, the economy of Pakistan is getting tight. So, apply for the Roshan Gharana program as soon as possible. Manage free electricity in your home. Let us tell you that the method of applying will be based on your household bill and monthly units.

Registration process for Solar Plates in the Roshan Gharana program started

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If you people want to apply for it, then you can apply by going to any bank near you or by going to a bank in Punjab. On this, the account of this program will be opened. And you will be given 4 solar plates for free. The government has made a Lucky Draw stage for registration. Join Lucky Draw and get 4 plates from this program. You won’t even need wires.

What Documents Are Required In The Bank To Apply In This Scheme

Keep these documents when you want to open a Roshan digital account online or in any bank.

  1. You have to scan the photos of both sides of your ID card
  2. If you have a passport, scan the passport site
  3. Have your signature on a white paper
  4. You have to enter your income
  5. After that click on Apply button

Eligibility Criteria For 2024

  1. Applicant must be a non-resident Pakistani
  2. He must have a Roshan Digital Account
  3. It must have a NICOP
  4. Age should be less than 20 to 65 years
  5. There is no minimum income requirement
  6. Must be a resident of Pakistan
  7. Must have a 13-digit Pakistan ID card
  8. You use electricity from 100 to 300

Distribution via Draw

Solar systems will first be made available to customers who have a consumption of less than 100 kWh. After the start of registration, the interested users must complete their registration. Users who register will be selected by a random draw. 

Punjab government teams are delivering solar systems directly to the homes of 50,000 lucky people in phase one. This system will come with a high-quality solar plate, a battery and an inverter.

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Facility Cost Of Solar Panels

Many farmers and people using more than 100 units of electricity are asking that when these 4 solar plates are provided to us, we will not offer any fee to the representatives in this program. Let us tell you that only the government will bear its cost. You will not be charged any fee for fitting these plates. These will be provided to you free of charge by government representatives. 

The main goal of the government is that these plates reach every person in Pakistan who is troubled due to electricity. The complete method will be provided to you in this post. Along with this, you will be provided with other electrical devices like panel batteries and other devices in these plates. Let us tell you that one panel is worth one lakh rupees.

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