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Introduction to the Ramzan Nighban Program 2024

Welcome to the Ramzan Nighban Program 2024. This program was started by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz. The main objective of this program is to help the poor living in Punjab. The word “Ramadan” is associated with the Nigaban program because the program was launched in the month of Ramadan and Maryam Nawaz has said that people will be provided with free flour by the Nighaban program during the holy month of Ramadan.

Therefore, the verification process has also started in this program if you want to join the Nighban Program 2024 and get your financial aid ration. So read this article carefully, here are all the ways through which you can get your ration package. More recently, a verification process has been introduced into the Nigheban program. Because the government wants the ration of financial aid to reach only those who are deserving and poor. 

So the verification process has started in this program, and the verification process is very easy.  Ineligible people should get their identity cards updated through NADRA and then go to the Benazir office established in their area and get their survey done. After that your verification process will be completed and you will be given free food and ration by the Nigaban program.

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Nighban Program Verification Process

If you want you can get free rata and ration through this program. So make sure that no one in your family is a government employee and no one in your family is registered with BISP. Apart from this, your monthly income is less than 60 thousand. 

If you fulfill these conditions then you can apply for Nihgaban Ration Program without any problem. This is a golden opportunity for you as the verification process has started in this program. Verification can be done at home or by visiting the Benazir office established in your nearest area.

How to Receive Rasahn Package from the Nighban Program

Let’s inform the eligible people that the process of getting the Rashan package from the Nighaban program is very easy. If you are eligible for this program, you don’t need to visit any location or any office to get the ration. Because now the method of distribution of ration has been made easier by the Nighaban program. 

Now the representatives are going door to door delivering ration to the people at their doorsteps. You also wait for the team of the ramzan Nighban program 2024. As soon as the Negahban teams arrive in your area, go to them and collect your ration by showing your identity card.

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Objectives and Goals of the Program

Nighaban Ramadan Package is a poverty alleviation program created by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz. The aim of this program is to help poor people living in Punjab. Under this program, the government is providing free atta and ration to the people. So that people know that the government is with them now they are not alone. That is why the government of Pakistan has launched many financial assistance programs. 

The Nighaban program is one program that will be different and more helpful than all the other programs. The process of registration and distribution of ration in this program has been made very easy and fast. By distributing ration to the people through this program, the government of Pakistan wants to prove that the government is aware of the poor. So he is with you in every difficulty so apply to this program as soon as possible and get a financial aid ration every month.

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Eligibility Criteria for Beneficiaries

Let us tell the people who want to join this scheme that first you fulfill the eligibility criteria of this scheme. Because this program is made only for people belonging to poor and backward families

Therefore, the eligibility criteria for this program are as follows:

  • You must belong to a poor family to get ration
  • You should not own any personal vehicle or business
  • You must have a National Identity Card
  • You should not have a government job
  • No member of your family should be a resident of foreign countries
  • You have not performed Hajj and Umrah
  • Your poverty line should be between 30 and 35 percent

Ramzan Rashan Program 2024 Check Online

If you have confirmed your eligibility and registration, then check your ration package at home through an online ID card. Whether you have been eligible for the scheme or you are still under verification. You have two methods to check Ramadan Ration Program 2024 online. One is that you go to the message box of your mobile and enter your CNIC number and send this message to 8070.  

Apart from this, you can also check your eligibility and your ration package through the online portal. This portal is provided on our website, type your National Identity Card number there and click on Check Eligibility button. In a few seconds you will get all the information about your status thanks.

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