Breaking News Nighaban Program Updated Applying Method for Atta 

Nigahban Program Registration

Neghaban beneficiaries Good News: Registration procedure has been updated by Nighaban program. Now that the registration has been made online, now all poor and deserving citizens can apply for the supervised ration program sitting at home. This has been done because the last date for registration in the Nighaban program is March 15 and the Punjab government wants the Nighaban ration program to reach as many poor people as possible.

So that people can benefit from this program they can fulfill their basic needs and be prosperous. Therefore, the registration process has been made very easy. The aim of this is to include the poor and deserving people in the Nighaban Program 2024. This portal is given here. Enter your CNIC number in this portal and click on the Register Now button. By following this procedure, you can get your ration package at home by doing your online registration.

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Why Nighaban Program Update Registartion Method 

Nighaban Program 2024 is being supervised by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz herself. Because she has promised the people as soon as she took the oath that she would deliver free flour and ration to the poor. So they changed the registration method in March. Now the registration has been made online so that the poor and deserving citizens can easily join the ration watcher program.

And they can benefit more from this program. Hence the registration procedure has been updated. Earlier, people used to go around the offices and stand in long queues when they were registered. But now representatives of the Nihgaban program are conducting house-to-house surveys and delivering rations to their doorsteps.

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Nigehban Ramzan Package Registration Online

If you are a person whose monthly income is less than 60 thousand rupees and you want to get free atta and ration by joining the nighaban program. So you are at the right place as you are informed here about the new registration procedure. Which has been started by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

Breaking News Nighaban Program Updated Applying Method for Atta 

According to this method, poor people can easily check their eligibility. You have to use a mobile phone and go to the message box west of that mobile phone and start a new message. Write your CNIC number in it. And send it to 8070. You will get your qualification on your mobile or laptop very soon.

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What are the Requirements for Nighaban New Registration

New registration in Nihgaban program has started. This registration can be successful for those who have the following required documents. Because these documents help you get your free flour and ration.

Following are the required documents:

  • Your Pakistani National Identity Card
  • Your registered and mobile number used
  • Your household’s gas and electricity bill
  • Any proof of your monthly income
  • You have complete information about your family

Who is Eligible for the 8070 Free Atta Scheme

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has launched the Nighban program and she has said that this program is being made only for the poor. Therefore, only the poor will be eligible in this program. The list of persons who are eligible for the Free Ita scheme is given here. First, those families are eligible whose monthly income is less than 60,000.

And families living in poverty are also eligible for maintenance ration. In addition, families who are enrolled in Ehsaas program or BISP are also eligible for Free Atta and Free Ration programs.. Apart from this, all disabled persons, widows, women, men and women belonging to poor families are also eligible in this scheme.

Negahban Program Online Check CNIC

If you are registered in Nihgaban Ration Program and now you want to know about your eligibility whether you are eligible to receive financial assistance ration from this program after registration or you are still under verification. Remember that after you confirm your registration in this program, you have to check your eligibility. Eligibility check process is very important. So check your eligibility through the portal provided on our website.

You can easily check their eligibility through the portal. When you are eligible for this program, then you immediately go to the utility store established in your area and get the ration package by showing your National Identity Card. Remember that in the ration package you will be given two kilos of ghee, two kilos of sugar, two kilos of rice and pulses etc. Once you are eligible for this program, you can also get subsidy on ration every month.

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