New Eligibility Criteria For iPad Scheme By Maryam Nawaz

Now we are going to give you all the information regarding the iPad scheme in this article. In this article, we will tell you all the data of eligible students with iPads. Students studying in universities, colleges, and schools of Punjab maintain more or less than 75% monthly attendance. So they are declared eligible for this program. Their attendance should not be less than 70, otherwise, they will be disqualified from this program. 

So with this scheme, you will be provided with laptops and other facilities to get an education. If you people have not yet confirmed your registration in this program. So you will be told the complete method of registration within this article. Now read this article till the end. You are being told how to register.

New Eligibility Criteria For iPad Scheme By Maryam Nawaz

The Purpose Of Creating The iPad Scheme

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sahiba launched the iPad scheme for the convenience of all the students of Punjab. So that all kinds of facilities are provided to the students to acquire knowledge. So that they can get knowledge about medicine and scientific knowledge. 

Therefore, you will be provided with a laptop, motorcycle, and other things from the iPad scheme, so make sure to register in this scheme, then you will be included in this scheme, in addition to this, the Chief Minister of Punjab Other schemes have also been started in the name of this scheme. From there you can register and join. If you are not getting any information. So you must read this article till the end. You will be given new updates.

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Instructions Issued for Ineligible Students in iPad Scheme

Let me tell you that Maryam Sahiba has organized a huge assembly for all the poor, deserving, and educated students of Punjab. In which more training scholarships and iPad initiatives were researched. In the Assembly, Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz met with various leaders and discussed eligible students. 

The Chief Minister of Punjab said at that time that he had directed a scholarly survey for the measures of the iPad and laptop scheme. It has been decided to develop every small institution in Pakistan. Apart from this, you people will be told the complete method of application and registration for this program.

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How to Apply

Many students are worried about colleges universities and government institutions. How do we apply in this scheme? So you are being told the complete method to apply in this post. If you guys want to apply and complete the registration. So you can also apply by going to the official website of the Punjab Employment Scheme. 

Apart from this, you can go to any bank in Punjab and get your registration and application method accepted. For this, you must bring your documents with you. So that your registration can be easily completed there. And iPads are provided to you easily.

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Documents for Registration in the iPad Scheme

Whenever you go to apply for online registration in this scheme, you must take your documents with you. Your registration will be based on them. New methods will be provided to you in the next few days.

  1. For registration, you need your 13-digit ID card
  2. Your mobile phone number which is linked to the ID card
  3. Your household electricity and gas bill
  4. Register your school attendance

How Many Schemes Are Started in the Name of this Scheme?

The government has also launched many other schemes for the betterment and convenience of the students. A rickshaw scheme, computer scheme free Wi-Fi scheme, and solar scheme have been started. From today almost many students have got laptops and motorbikes for themselves. If you guys want to join other programs too. So the link will be given here. You can also find information about other programs by clicking on it.

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New latest News of the iPad Scheme

Maryam Nawaz has started the news. That low-income students check their eligibility criteria for this program as soon as possible. Get free and free iPads from this program. Therefore, the government has also started an education scholarship program to give scholarships to children. 

Educational scholarships will be given to your children from there. In the next few days, it is expected that a further increase in this scheme may be announced. Like things can be provided for you to gain more knowledge. Free will be given with discounts and savings.


new programs have been introduced for all students across Pakistan, with unique information available on our website. This content is specifically tailored for students in Punjab. Through the iPad initiative introduced by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, students in Punjab can conveniently enhance their education by receiving an iPad.

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