Negahban Registration For Ineligible Persons Starts From April 2024

Negahban Registration For Ineligible

Hello viewers, let us tell you that the government has issued a new announcement. Those who have not registered in March do not meet the eligibility criteria. These individuals will now be compulsorily eligible and registered in April. You will be told how to register in this post. You have to visit this page timely. 

The government has introduced a dynamic survey and online registration procedure for the Negabhan Registration. This allows you to ensure that your registration is done at your home. Also, this article will give you complete updates about the ration and eligibility criteria. You must register for this program now. Read this article in detail till the end.

Ramzan Negahban Program

The main objective of starting the Negabhan program is to provide assistance to the poor families living in Pakistan through Rashan. In this program, around 40 to 50 lakh poor families have been provided assistance through Rashan. Further, the poor will be helped through this program till the last fast of Ramadan. For those who have not yet completed the registration,

So, make sure they register for this program. The government has also started controlling rooms at every tahsil and district level to register complaints. If you are facing any problems, read this post in detail. You will definitely find a solution to this problem. Apart from this, let us tell you that this program will start with new programs in the next few days.

Negahban Registration For Ineligible Persons Starts From April 2024

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Negahban Rashan Program Check Online

To ensure your registration in the Negabhan program, you should first register your 13-digit ID card at the Nadra Center. After registering, you must check this program’s eligibility criteria using your CNIC number. After checking the eligibility criteria, you have to complete your registration for this program. For this, you have to carry all your documents. There, you have to give it to the BISP representative. 

The representative will give you a form. Must read it for confirmation, enter all the requested information, and submit it back to the BISP representative. You will be registered for this program and be told through the 8070 code. You have registered for this program. Get the rashan from this program on your eligibility criteria soon.

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Negahban Relief Package Online Registration

Many eligible families have been disqualified from this program. And they have not been given rashan even if they are eligible. Now, this method will not work at all. Check your registration in the Negabhan program by going to the Nadra office as soon as possible. If those who have not registered yet. 

So, they register online. Because the government has introduced an online registration procedure, you will be given a form for online registration here. You can fill it out and complete your online registration. After confirming your online registration, you must visit the Nadra office again. You will be given all the information there.

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Negahban Program Online

The Negabhan program has provided financial assistance to lakhs of poor families through Rashan in Ramadan. Many people have not yet registered for this program. So, the government started a new method for registration in April. 

Therefore, you should register today in April and receive the ration from this program. In Rashan, you will receive five kilos of rice, five kilos of sugar, five kilos of dal, five kilos of ghee, and three bags of flour, totaling 30 kg.

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Documents For Registration 2024

Whenever you go for registration at your nearest BISP center through a dynamic survey or for online registration. So, keep these documents with you because your registration is based on your documents.

  1. Your 13-digit ID card
  2. Your mobile phone number
  3. Education certificates of your children
  4. Your electricity and gas bill
  5. If there is a disabled person in the household, his/her disability certificate
  6. Your official house number
  7. Your bank account number
  8. Monthly certificate of your income

Eligibility Criteria in the Negabhan Program

  • In this program, those people are eligible whose monthly income is 46 thousand.
  • Whose poverty score is less than 30 percent
  • Those who have never traveled abroad
  • Who lives in Pakistan
  • Whose house does not have electricity and gas
  • Those who have never held a government job
  • Whose age is around 18 to 60 years

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