Announcement of Punjab government to give Nawaz Sharif Kisan card to farmers

Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card

Good news for farmers living across Punjab. In a recent meeting, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz approved the Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card. Recently, a special meeting on agricultural terms was held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. The Kisan Card bill was passed during this session to increase agricultural production and provide subsidies to farmers.

 Under this, 500,000 farmers will be given loans of Rs 150 Billion annually on easy terms. Considering the terms and conditions, the farmers will be given a loan of 30,000 rupees per acre. Farmers can get high-quality seeds for fertilizers and pesticides.

This is a very good initiative by the government. The Punjab government has already taken many good initiatives. Maryam Nawaz has recently started the Nighaban program. Under this program, the Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card will now be issued.

Announcement of Punjab government to give Nawaz Sharif Kisan card to farmers

Application Process for Kisan Card

Kisan Card Has Many Benefits When a farmer gets a Kisan Card, he can access many facilities. Card Registers are issued to farmers for convenience and to allow them to access various government schemes, such as subsidies, loans, and insurance. Kisan Card holders can avail themselves of an additional facility by using ATMs while purchasing at Kisan Card Fertilizer Dealer outlets.

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is providing full digital support to this program, starting with farmer registration, so that farmers do not face any problems and can easily apply for their cards. Farmers can apply for the card at any HBL Connect store after opening a biometric-enabled mobile account.

 After opening a Kisan Card account, you will receive a Kisan Card from HBL Bank. You can get a government loan using this card, and 30 thousand rupees per acre can get fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, etc. 

Announcement of Punjab government to give Nawaz Sharif Kisan card to farmers

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Establishment of Model Agri-Culture Centers for farmers

The Punjab Chief Minister has said that the government will provide various subsidies through the Nawaz Sharif card and establish agricultural centers in collaboration with the private sector across Punjab. These centers will offer modern machinery training, best-quality fertilizers, and model plots.

 More than 500 trained agriculturists will work within these model agriculture centers. This will give good advice to the farmers and suggest that they grow better crops.  In the initial phase, a model agriculture center will be established in each district, Aiming to provide the best feed and batch to farmers and warn them against jelly fertilizers. 

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Benefits Of Nawaz Sharif Kissan Card.

The Kisan Card has many benefits. It is designed to promote agriculture in Pakistan, and some of its benefits are as follows.

  • Providing subsidies to farmers
  • Providing interest-free loans for better fertilizer sprays and seeds
  • Providing modern machinery
  • Increase in crop production
  • To increase the income of farmers

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Finally, the Punjab government’s announcement of the Nawaz Sharif card is an important and positive step towards supporting Punjab’s farmers. With credit subsidies and access to high-quality offspring, the initiative aims to increase farm production and improve farmers’ incomes. Establishing Model Agriculture Centers and other support mechanisms further highlights the government’s commitment to increasing productivity.

 By providing essential resources and guidance, Kisan Card has the potential to advance development and prosperity in communities. Farmers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity, and the benefits Nawaz Sharif Kisan offers for their agricultural endeavours.

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