Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme In Punjab Complete Guide

Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme

Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme The Solar Panel Scheme has been launched by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz. The aim of this scheme is That households that consume less than 300 units per month be given access to energy and informed That they can also register themselves in the solar panel after registration all the information will be sent to them if you or any person from your family wants to join this program. So they can register themselves in this scheme.

Some easy steps are given for registration, based on which you can register yourself, after that, you will be told how you can join the program. And how to get complete information This program will include people who are poor and who want to get rid of electricity bills because of the high electricity bills this scheme was launched. This is a comprehensive plan. On behalf of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, the government of Pakistan has launched this scheme across Punjab to promote solar energy.

Solar Panal Scheme Registration 2024

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Registration in this program has been initiated by the Government of Pakistan in such a way that those who consume 100 to 300 units per month. They will be included in this scheme. The government of Pakistan has announced to include its details in the Punjab Bur For those who have used less than 4 units in April and May, the registration process is that you will visit your nearest Punjab Bank and submit your details.

ID card number phone number complete house information and also electricity bill is to be carried After that you will be informed that your request has been processed and you will be informed very soon That all your registration information has been collected and you will be told when you will receive your money After getting the loan amount one can install solar panels it is said to be a very easy process so that no one has to face any problem.

Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme In Punjab Complete Guide

Main Reason of the Solar Panel Scheme

This scheme aims to help those who are poor and who do not have money to pay their electricity bills, who are fed up with their electricity bills, and who have high bills. The Government of Punjab has started this scheme to provide facilities to them under this scheme those who will use up to 300 units should be included in the solar panel scheme to provide free electricity. will

They will be provided with a loan of up to 50 lakhs to ensure their purchase of solar panels And they can get Solar panels, those people who are poor can also join it and have a monthly income of less than 60 thousand rupees. They can also join the process of joining program has been made very easy so that everyone can join and register themselves.

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Solar Panel Subsidy Punjab Pakistan

The aim of subsidizing solar panels across Punjab is to help people who are fed up with their electricity bills, those who have paid minimum bills in the last five years, without burdening the public. Free electricity will be provided for removal Under this scheme, they will be provided with an easy loan for five years at a time. Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz has said that this scheme will be launched in the whole of Punjab, but in the next few days, the scheme will be launched in all of Pakistan.

So that every citizen living in Pakistan can benefit from this scheme, you will be provided a loan under this scheme which you can get from the Bank of Punjab by the Government of Punjab and you will be given easy steps there. You don’t have to go anywhere else but you have to do the steps that will be told to you after that you have to follow some easy steps after that you will be told that your registration is complete. And you will start getting loans from the scheme very soon

Estimate Your Load Through Table

Solar System Size (Solar System)Estimated Price Range
1kWRs. 75,000 to Rs. 85,000
2kWRs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 1,70,000
3kWRs. 1,89,000 to Rs. 2,15,000
4kWRs. 2,52,000 to Rs. 2,85,600
5kWRs. 3,15,000 to Rs. 3,57,000
10kWRs. 5,31,000 to Rs. 6,07,000
Subsidy ApplicableSubsidy Prices of CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme
Rs. 18,000Rs. 57,000 to Rs. 67,000
Rs. 18,000 x 2 = Rs. 36,000Rs. 1,14,000 to Rs. 1,34,000
Rs. 18,000 x 3 = Rs. 54,000Rs. 1,35,000 to Rs. 1,61,000
Rs. 18,000 x 3 + Rs. 9,000 x 1 = 63,000Rs. 1,89,000 to Rs. 2,22,600
Rs. 18,000 x 3 + Rs. 9,000 x 2 = Rs. 72,000Rs. 2,43,000 to Rs. 2,85,000
Rs. 1,17,000Rs. 4,14,000 to Rs. 4,90,000

Who Can Apply For Punjab Solar Scheme

Anyone who can join this program who is deserving and who is doing his own business on a small scale has a Monthly income very low and can easily apply for this program and get a loan. As soon as the Government of Pakistan provides more details, we will provide you with the complete details How can you see the application process, how to apply, how to apply?

And what information do you need to know, if you get any further, you can visit our website and comment below so that you don’t have to go anywhere. And if you can’t go anywhere else, if you need any kind of information, you can check the complete details of the website


How to apply Punjab Solar Panels in Punjab?

To join this program, you have to go to Bank of Punjab, there registration is open, online registration is not open yet, we will let you know as soon as it is available.

What is the subsidy on solar system in Punjab?

It is a solar panel scheme launched by Maryam Nawaz and the aim of the scheme is to provide loans and free electricity to people.

is Solar Panal Scheme For Farmer?

This program is also designed for farmers and those who are small-scale businesses will be provided with loans and they will pay with ease over five years.

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