Application Procedure for Maryam Nawaz iPad Scheme April 2024

Overview of the Maryam Nawaz iPad Scheme 

Registration procedure for Maryam Nawaz iPad Scheme 2024 has been released. There is good news for those students who are residents of Punjab. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has announced special registration for college and university students in the iPad scheme. The aim of this scheme is to distribute iPads among the able and intelligent students of Punjab and encourage them. If you are also a resident of Sobh Punjab and are studying, then you can take full advantage of this scheme. 

So read this article carefully because here are the ways through which you can join this scheme and get your name among the eligible students. Recently Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has requested the Punjab PEEF Chairman to conduct a survey of iPad schemes in private and government colleges and universities as soon as possible. Eligible male and female students can be included in this scheme.

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iPad Scheme 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Maryam Nawaz iPad Scheme is designed for students. Male and female students from all over Punjab can apply in this scheme. The eligibility criteria in this scheme has been made so that only students from Punjab can benefit from this scheme. Remember that all students who are currently studying in government and private schools, colleges and universities can join the scheme very easily. They are eligible to apply for this scheme.

Another good news is that if you have recently enrolled in a government institution, then you can easily qualify for the iPad scheme. So all the students who are studying in government institutions have a high chance of being eligible in this scheme. 

According to a recent update, it has been found that Maryam Nawaz has said that for this iPad scheme, students have to ensure 80% attendance in the current academic year. If you are studying in a school, college or university and your attendance is 80% then you are eligible for this scheme.

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Punjab Students Application Process for iPad Scheme

The method of applying in the scheme is very easy. Let us tell the students of universities and colleges that you don’t need to worry about registration because Chief Minister Punjab Maryam. Nawaz herself has said that Punjab is included in the iPad scheme without any registration. will go. For this purpose, he has asked the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund to conduct a survey of students as soon as possible. And include those eligible students who are shortlisted.

Application Procedure for Maryam Nawaz iPad Scheme April 2024

Students of Punjab do not need any application form or any registration form to apply in iPad scheme. So make sure you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned in this article. Students will not be able to get an iPad if they do not meet the specified eligibility criteria. So read the article carefully so that you can take full advantage of this scheme.

Required Documents for iPad Registration

  • Students should have ID card or bay form
  • Registered and used mobile number
  • All students must ensure that their recent year result is up to 80%
  • Students should have matriculation and intermediate result card

Selection Process

You are being informed that the procedure for distribution of iPads among the talented students studying in public and private colleges and universities across the province of Punjab has been released. Maryam Nawaz has said that very soon the eligible students will get an iPad on behalf of the iPad scheme.Through which the list of deserving and eligible students will be finalized. So you don’t need to worry. Because iPads will start shipping in the last week of April 2024. So ensure your eligibility and read this article carefully.

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Final Words

Maryam Nawaz’s iPad Scheme aims to distribute iPads to deserving students in Punjab to encourage their academic endeavours. Eligible students, including those with 80% attendance, studying in public and private institutions, will be shortlisted without the need for individual registration. Required documents include identity card, registered mobile number and result cards. Selection will be done through a survey, and iPads will be sent to eligible students accordingly.

People Also Ask:

Who is eligible for Maryam Nawaz iPad Scheme?

Male and female students across Punjab are studying in government and private schools, colleges and universities. Students with 80% attendance in the current academic year.

What are the application procedures for iPad Scheme?

No individual registration required; Students will be shortlisted through a survey conducted by the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund. Ensure eligibility criteria are met including attendance and academic performance.

What documents are required for iPad registration?

  • Identity Card or B Form.
  • Registered mobile number.
  • Matric and Intermediate Result Cards.

How will the selection process be done to distribute the iPad?

The deserving and eligible students will be finalized through the survey conducted by the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund. iPads will be shipped to eligible students soon.

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