Maryam Nawaz Announced iPad Scheme For Students Through Negahban Program

iPad Scheme

Good news for all students of Punjab! Punjab Government Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has announced to provide free iPad scheme and laptop to the students through the scheme starting from Nighaban program. Therefore, university and college students must acquire skills and experience with technical equipment.

So that they can gain experiential knowledge by getting a free iPad through this program. You will be given these iPads i.e. laptops for free. In this program, the service has been launched among the college students in teaching free iPad scheme. Information about this will be given to you in the article below.

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The Main Objective of the iPad Scheme

The main objective of launching the iPad scheme in the Negabhan program is to provide free laptops and iPads to all meritorious students. So that they can acquire experimental knowledge in Pakistan, an iPad and laptop scheme has been started to provide integrated digital tools to the students. 

Apart from this, under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Maryam, the progress of the existing scholarship applications for the iPad laptop scheme has also been inspected. You will receive all the data in this article to get this laptop and iPad.

Maryam Nawaz Announced iPad Scheme For Students Through Negahban Program

Highlighting students in the  iPad Scheme program

Chief Minister Punjab has highlighted the characteristics of college students through technology by providing free laptops and iPads in this scheme. To bridge the digital divide and expose college students to the best essentials in today’s digitally driven world. So that they can learn about other things, and you should have information about everything in this modern world. 

Therefore, this scheme has been designed to give attention to students of universities who demonstrate academic ability and needs across Punjab. Because of this, you can also get knowledge directly from scientists. Your needs can be completed only by laptops and iPads. Apart from this, you can also learn more by downloading the app from the Play Store.

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Survey method in iPad scheme

In this scheme, instructions have been initiated by the Minister of Punjab to start a scientific survey to get valuable insights into laptops and iPads. He has appreciated the determination of the government to improve education. 

Such measures were promised to fulfill the students’ hopes as this scheme has been started. You will also be provided with a free iPad and laptop. And you will be able to get all kinds of knowledge.

Helping University students

Maryam Nawaz, Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan, recently announced that she would provide free iPads to university students through the Negahban Rashan Program. Her announcement sparked both joy and controversy. 

This initiative will provide university students with tools to gain experience and knowledge. Nevertheless, there are still significant uncertainties about students’ eligibility and their controllable advantages or disadvantages. Here are some details about this scheme.

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Increase student literacy

For this program, the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Prime Minister launched an iPad and computer scheme to help increase the digital literacy of Pakistani students and children. PM Computer Scheme is available at the national level. So this scheme will be available only for Punjab residences in 2024.

It will expose the students to empirical knowledge. It allows these students to understand people from all over the world better and broaden their thinking style. In this article, we will provide you with detailed data regarding this program. How innovation can be created in it. And how it can be made successful through a scientific survey.

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  1. I’m a student of intermediate 2nd year and will be starting my university soon. I need a laptop for my studies.

    • Respectfully,
      It is stated that I am a student of First year and eligible for your laptop scheme. I really need a laptop because I am student of IT.
      I shall be very thankful to you. Yours obediently, Asma Eman.


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