CM Punjab Bike Scheme Launched by Maryam Nawaz for University Students

Registration Procedure E Bike Scheme 2024

Great news for the students of the universities from Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz. Chief Minister Punjab has announced an CM Punjab bike scheme especially for students who are studying in universities. Students who want to ensure their eligibility in Punjab Electric Bike Scheme in a new way. So in this article all the methods have been explained to you in detail.

If you want to join the Bikes scheme, register your name among the eligible students. So read this article carefully, the complete procedure will be explained here. So read the complete details and know how you can own an electric bike in this program. Now let us tell you that the method of applying in this scheme is very easy and eligible students will be provided electric bike and petrol bike by Maryam Nawaz on easy and interest free loans.

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New Method Online Registration Start

Dear students if you want to do your online registration through new method then go to bank of punjab where applications are being accepted for bikes scheme. If interested to join Upbikes scheme then visit Upbank of Punjab and get registration form. This form-up has to be filled and then submitted back to Bank of Punjab.Remember that in this form you have to enter complete details which are asked from you like your name, your ID card number educational qualification prominent position in school and college etc. 

A draw will be held when the bikes start being distributed by the scheme. Electric bikes will be given to the students whose names are included in the draw. Remember that to get the bike, you have to deposit 10 thousand rupees in advance and then you can become the owner of the electric bike by paying an installment of 5 thousand rupees every month.

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Eligibility Criteria for Registration in the Punjab E Bike Scheme

All students across Punjab can apply in this scheme. Because both girls and boys are eligible in this scheme. So make sure that you are studying and that you have secured a prominent position in a class. Because for registration you will be given a form in which you have to enter all the information.

CM Punjab Bike Scheme Launched by Maryam Nawaz for University Students

So make sure you meet the eligibility criteria as CM Punjab Bike scheme is only meant for those students who cannot afford their ride due to financial difficulties. Due to which they have to face difficulty in going to school and university. So now you don’t need to worry because this article is made for you. So that you can avail the scheme and get your own electric bike.

How University students will benefit from the scheme

Boys and girls students of universities across Punjab can easily join the CM Punjab bike scheme. As this scheme has many benefits you can join this scheme and get your own bike which will help you to reach the university time easily and you will not have to wait for a ride. And this scheme is also for girls, remember that equal quota has been kept in bike scheme. In villages, 30 percent quota is for girls while 70 percent quota is for boys. And while boys and girls in cities can get bikes at equal percentage.

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What is a monthly installment for bike scheme?

The process of getting a bike from Punjab Maryam Nawaz Bike Scheme is very easy. All students should keep one thing in mind that total 20 thousand bikes are included in this scheme. In which there are 1000 electric bikes and 19 petrol bikes. If you want to join this scheme and get the bike then you have to read the scheme rule. Remember that after joining this scheme.

If you become eligible to get the bike then you can get the bike as per your choice. Remember that for an electric bike you have to deposit 10 thousand rupees in advance and every month you have to pay the installment of 5 thousand rupees without interest. Apart from this, if you want to get a petrol bike, then you have to deposit five thousand rupees in advance. And 10 thousand rupees monthly installment has to be paid.


How can I register for the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme?

Visit Bank of Punjab for online registration through a new method. Fill up the registration form provided by Bank of Punjab and submit it back to Bank of Punjab.

What are the eligibility criteria for the scheme?

All students, both girls and boys, studying in universities across Punjab can apply. Students must demonstrate financial need and academic excellence.

What are the benefits for university students?

University students can easily join the scheme to get their own electric bikes, helping them get to university without waiting for transport.

What is the monthly installment of motorcycle scheme?

An electric bike requires a deposit of Rs 10,000, followed by monthly installments of Rs 5,000 without interest. A petrol bike requires a deposit of Rs 5,000, with a monthly installment of Rs 10,000.

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