Check Your Eligibility in the Negahban Program using code 8171

Negahban Program Eligibility Check Through 8171

Poor and deserving people in Pakistan can easily check their eligibility for the Negabhan program. Because the Government of Pakistan has introduced the 8171 code. You can easily check your eligibility criteria and assistance using code 8171 for the Negabhan program. So, use 8171 on your mobile phone for registration and eligibility. 

You can check your eligibility for the Negahban and Free Rashan Program by using 8171 at home and checking how many rations you are entitled to. The procedure is very easy: you have to open the messaging app on your mobile. In this, select the option to type a new message. You have to send your ID card to 8171 by SMS. You will shortly receive a confirmation message about your eligibility for the Nigahban program.

Check Your Eligibility in the Negahban Program using code 8171

Negahban Program registration form

To complete the registration in the Negahan program, the Government of Pakistan will send the nominees to your home. All situations involving your poverty will be evaluated. After that, the verification phase will start for your registration in this program. If you find a poor car for this program, you will be given a free ration. Chief Minister Punjab will provide you with free flour. After that, you will be able to get your qualifications easily by sitting at home.

When the verification process for your registration starts, so you will be given a form from the BISP centre. Which you have to read with confirmation. And all the details asked in it have to be submitted. After that, you have to submit the form twice in BISP. Then you will be registered for this program and start receiving assistance as soon as possible.

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What documents do you submit in the registration form?

When you will be provided with the form for registration in the Negabhan program. So you have to enter the following documents in it.

  • Your 13-digit ID card number
  • Your registered mobile phone number
  • Your monthly income
  • Number of family members
  • Enter married or unmarried

Eligibility criteria in this program

Let us tell you that the online registration method for applicants has not yet been introduced. So, if you want to register, you have to complete the registration through the online form. You must enter your CNIC number, mobile phone number, and other matters in this. After you have collected all these documents, your registration will be done. 

A confirmation message will be sent to you on 8171. There is some time left before your registration process can be completed. It is being identified, and your registration will be completed. So ensure your eligibility as soon as possible.

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Negahban Program Registration Online

This program has been started to eliminate inflation on deserving families during the holy month of Ramadan. This program provides free ration to eligible families. Therefore, offices have been established at the tehsil level for registration in this program. Now the representatives of the Government of Pakistan will go to your home for your registration and complete your eligibility. 

And will make you eligible for this program. We will provide a free ration of dal and flour once you are registered in this program. So you get a bag of rashan from this program, which includes flour two kilos of ghee, two kilos of rice, etc. So, this program eliminates inflation. And features on rashan for low-income groups.

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How to Check Your Status in the Negabhan Program

Viewers let us tell you that if you want to check your registration and eligibility status, the method is very easy. For this, first of all, you have to go to the official website of the government. There you have to choose a portal. Click on this portal. After clicking you will see a form. You have to read this form carefully. 

After reading it, you have to enter your CNIC number and the four-digit image code given in the form and write the mobile phone number. You have to click on the submit button. You will be provided with all your registration and eligibility data within some time. On what criteria are you registered for this program, and will you get your aid?

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Selection of Helpline Number for New Updates

After taking the leadership of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the program is being continued. After the expansion of posts in the recent elections, various steps are being taken to spread the distribution of ration.

A familiar helpline number has been set up to ask questions related to this program or register your registration. Through which you can make your complaints. And you can also get answers to your previous questions.

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