5566 Utility Store Subsidy Registration For Muft Rashan 2024

5566 Utility Store Start Through Negahban Program

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has restarted 5566 utility stores under the Negahban program. Now people will be given free Atta under the Negahban Rashan Scheme while subsidies will be provided to poor households through 5566 utility stores.

If you want to join 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Registration 2024, get your financial assistance ration and free ATTA. So read this article carefully and you will be told how you can get a discount on monthly ration from utility store established in your area. The government of Pakistan has started the Negahban scheme for the poor people and since the rate of poverty in Pakistan is very high the poor families are distraught.

Negahban Utility store 5566 online registration

The province of Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area. And most of its population consists of backward and poor people. Therefore, Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has taken this initiative, especially for the poor people living in Punjab. They will be distributed free of charge Rashan under the Negahban Rashan Program. And given relief on household ration through the 5566 Utility Store Rashan Program. 

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If you join the 5566 Rashan Program utility store then you can get up to 40% discount on your household ration. In the month of Ramadan, a special package has been kept for the poor in which household ration is being given to the people at a minimal cost. You also benefit from this initiative and get your financial aid ration.

8070 free Atta Scheme Online Registration

The process of distribution of the Negahban Ramadan package has started. Now 8070 Free Atta Scheme has been launched by the Maryam Nawaz Program. Now in this scheme poor and deserving citizens can ensure their online registration. 

If you or any of your family members are ready to register online for the 8070 Free Atta Scheme, then you are at the right place. You will be told the complete process of joining the 8070 Free Ita scheme on this website. You have two choices for online registration in this scheme. 

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First, you can register yourself at home using the code 8070. Second, you can also confirm your registration through the admin portal. To register to 8070 send your CNIC number to 8070 and get the eligibility message. For online registration visit our website enter your CNIC number in the given form and check your eligibility.

Utility Store Subsidy Check Online

Once you have registered yourself in this program, then you can check the utility store subsidy online at home and get the details of your ration package. If you want to get information about your Ramadan ration package then send your CNIC number to 5566. 5566 is the official utility store program code that qualifies you to get a discount on ration. If you want to get up to 40% discount on the monthly ration, then message your CNIC number to 5566 now and get your eligibility.

5566 Utility Store Subsidy Registration For Muft Rashan 2024

PMT Score For Free Rashan Program

The free ration is being given by the Maryam Nawaz Nighaban program to families whose monthly income is less than 60 thousand. And their poverty score is between 30 and 35 percent. Note that the PMT score, also known as the poverty score, is required to be low enough to qualify for the ration program. 

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If you want to get a free ration from Punjab Govt then check your PMT score now through our portal on this website. To check the PMT score you have to enter your CNIC number on this portal. And click on the check eligibility button. You will get your PMT score details in a few seconds

What is the Utility Store SMS Code?

Utility stores have been set up to distribute the Wazir e Azam Relief Package for the convenience of poor and deserving citizens. There are utility stores in every area where poor and deserving families can avail subsidy on rations. Remember that the utility store SMS code is 5566 to which you can check your eligibility by sending your CNIC number.

How to Check Eligibility for Ramadan Relief Package 2024

Check your ration package at home after registering and ensuring eligibility for the Ramadan relief package. The process of checking eligibility for Ramadan Relief Package 2024 has been made very easy. You have explained in this article how to check the eligibility followed by receiving your ration.

To check the eligibility you have to visit the Nihgaban program website and there you are given a portal. You have to check your eligibility by entering your CNIC number within this portal. It is important to remember that this website is the official website of the Nihgaban program. So beware of scammers and always use this official website.

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